We offer a complete curriculum ranging in courses for the pre-school student through the advanced professional in Tap, Jazz, Classical Ballet, Pointe, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, Modern, Lyrical, Boys Dance, Adults and Creative Movement. The fall season runs from September to June, and we also have a separate summer session. The Staff will assess the children to make sure they are placed at the appropriate level.

Boy’s Dance- Dance has become increasingly popular with boys over the years! We welcome boys into any of our classes. Dance has been proven to help with coordination and balance in sports such as football, soccer, and baseball!

Make-up Classes - If your child misses a regular class due to sickness, etc. we will gladly offer a make-up class at another time. Any staff member at the front desk will be happy to help you select a make-up class for your student.

Children's Program - These are 45 minute classes for 2 – 5 1/2 year olds (diaper trained), designed to develop coordination, balance, rhythm and self-expression through songs, simple dance movements and basic tumbling skills. It's an excellent introduction for young first-timers!
Offered in the following:
Beginner Acrobatics
Hippity Hop (NEW!)

Pre-Ballet – ages 2 ½ - 5 - An introduction to ballet basics and creative movement using imaginative exercises to play and learn. Through song and movement this program helps with the development of coordination, musicality, loco motor skills,listening awareness while fostering their natural creativity in a stress free environment and developing their social skills. Our goal with this and the Pre-Tap/Acrobatics program is to make sure we are building the love of dance in each child nurturing their natural creativity in a fun and loving atmosphere. Additionally, our goal is to awaken interest, enthusiasm, and self- confidence through dance.

Pre-Tap – age 2 ½ - 5 - An exciting combination of Tap using creative dance methods to keep it fun while developing their sense of rhythm and musicality through song and movement. This program helps with the development of coordination, musicality, loco motor skills, listening aw
awareness while fostering their natural creativity in a stress free environment and developing their social skills.

Acrobatics – ages 2 ½ & up - Their natural enthusiasm is the key to this class which introduces rolling, stretching, tumbling, and more! Gymnastics with a strong focus on the use of balance, unusual a mounts of flexibility and the use of controlled counterbalance. Use of props to enhance or display these skills is common. This training enhances flexibility and strengthens the dancer's body. It dates back to the 1880's but was brought to the public eye by Vaudeville performers in the 1920's.

Hippity Hop – 2 ½ & up - Bounce along to the beat in this introductory Hip Hop class for kids

Tap – A rhythmic combination of technical movements and style, tap focuses on the recall of intricate steps of the foot incorporated with upper body grace. Counting music correctly according to choreography is highly emphasized. Tap teaches the student rhythm, syncopation, and develops the student's "ear" much like a musician. Tap shoes are considered your instrument with your treble and bass sounds. You are a musician as well as a dancer! Tap can be performed with or without the accompaniment of music while still showcasing technical skills and entertainment. It is considered to be the most American of all dance forms dating back to the 1840's. Cathy's offers "Broadway" Tap as well as "Rhythm" Tap.

Ballet – Both a discipline and an art form, ballet develops the body in a beautiful way with traditional ballet exercises. Classical ballet is the foundation for all other forms of movement and is the most important discipline to master. These classes are designed to enable the dancers to express themselves in this art form with emphasis on traditional classic lines, technical steps and the vocabulary of ballet. Correct body placement and alignment of the body is stressed along with the good performance qualities. Ballet is mandatory for all Cathette/Workshop level students. (Ballet originated in the mid 1600's).

Jazz – ages 6 & up - An upbeat, energetic style of dance, Jazz encompasses strength, discipline, and style. It is a rhythmic stylized dance form conceived in America and had been known as the "American Folk Dance". Choreography is set to a fast paced music with aerobic-like action involving all muscles in the body. Jazz focuses on increasing flexibility and muscle tone while building musicality and proper technique. (Bob Fosse, Luigi...)

Pointe – A form of ballet that requires a specific shoe that allows the dancer to execute ballet movements on their toes. Dancers must be at least 10 years old and have 3 years of prior ballet. The teacher must indicate that the student is strong enough for this class. Students must also be enrolled in a current ballet class.

Hip-Hop – ages 9 & up - This class explores the dance techniques, rhythms and movements native to the hip-hop culture as well as the dance forms from which this genre borrows (jazz, contemporary, etc.). It was identified in the early 1980's. In this class, students learn the history of hip-hop music and movement, its unique dance moves and how to relate it all to their favorite performers of today.

Modern – Modern dance is a free form movement and is a wonderful venue to explore your own creative style. There aremany techniques in modern.
Our classes are a fusion of Horton, Graham, Limon, etc. Our teachers are experienced in many styles. Modern class is performed bare foot/sandals.

Lyrical – An intense form of dance expression, lyrical incorporates the elements of Jazz and Ballet into one harmonious dance style. Interpretations of various pieces of music bring emotion and choreography together to form an expressive story using your body. Technical training is highly emphasized.

Intermediate (6-10 yr. olds) and Teen Program (Class Level- Cathettes II & Cathettes III)
Classical Ballet
Hip Hop

Intermediate/Advanced & Pre-Professional Program (Class Level- Cathettes & Cathettes I)
Classical Ballet
Hip Hop

Adult (Offered periodically throughout the year, based on demand)

How To Register
Our Fall Season runs from September… Registration is accepted throughout the year, and can be completed in person, over the phone, or online.

..."I have been attending Cathy's for about 15 years now. The teachers and staff are so professional and friendly, and they put on quite a show every year! The dancers are of all ages and levels of experience, but at Cathy's EVERYONE is a star! I believe their program not only offers the best instruction around, but it promotes self-confidence and teamwork among the students. I would highly recommend Cathy's for anyone, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!"

-- K. S.

..."I danced at Cathy's for over 20 years myself and now my children dance there. The teachers and staff at Cathy's Dance Studio are incredibly talented, dedicated to their craft, and show a true sense of caring and respect for each and every boy and girl under their instruction. The show they put on at the end of each school year is just unbelievable. From the brilliant choreography to the breathtaking costumes - the exciting music and amazing performers, girls, boys, teens, and adults - it's just a complete evening of enjoyment from start to finish - hard to believe this awesome show is put on by the students and teachers from this seemingly unassuming little school in the heart of Astoria! Their tappers are unrivaled in the NY area. Their acrobats give a nail-biting performance year after year. Their classical and modern ballet are sheer elegance and grace. And their jazz and hip-hop is always fresh and original. Great school - I would recommend it to dancers of all ages, shapes and sizes."

--T. D.

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