“We accompany each child on a personal journey of movement and creativity, so that each student may blossom year after year, and be a joy to behold. We believe dance lessons can engage children of all ages both mentally and physically, lead them to enjoy new life skills. At Cathy’s it’s about more than dance… It’s about motivating young people to be the best they can be! The joy of dance is meant to be shared!”

As the Artistic Director since 1989, I have worked to create a positive educational experience in which children can be introduced to, and nurtured in, the appreciation of dance arts. We offer a variety of opportunities to our students, and help them build grace, poise and confidence in themselves. The focus of our program is simple; to instill the art and joy of dance into young children.

The emphasis of the school is on dance as a rewarding, fulfilling experience, and is designed to meet the needs of any student interested in the art of dance. Great care and individual attention is given in nurturing the abilities of each student to their fullest potentials. Our instructors stress not only skills in dancing, but social development and effective interaction between students and teachers.

We have established a supportive role in the community, and a connection with generations of local families (since 1956). Each year, we look for ways our school can participate with charitable organizations.

If you are considering a quality dance school for your child, please keep in mind that we aim to make dance enjoyable by using consistent teaching methods and a goal-oriented approach. As an educator, I have developed and further built upon a proven curriculum originated with Miss Cathy, (my first teacher in 1972) providing a solid foundation in dance and personal growth.

At Cathy’s Dance Studio, we emphasize fun for beginners, correct technique for intermediate students, as well as direction and guidance for advanced dancers. I select my faculty based on their dedication, experience, and their ability to demonstrate a positive influence on the children. While the Gala Performance (recital) will show the students’ accomplishments every year, we ultimately hope to aid your children in becoming well-rounded individuals, with constructive skills and an affirmative outlook.

We dancers have a special gift that, when it is shared, can literally change and uplift the lives of those it touches like nothing else. It is a special relationship the dancer has with the teacher— the teacher has with the student, both with great transforming power.

Dance expresses what words and music alone cannot.

Every day is a chance for us to be inspired by the students. We are grateful for all the families that have come through our doors, and look forward to many more. I personally commit to offer the best educational service possible.

My signature is on every student!


Our Fall Season runs from September…
Registration is accepted throughout the year, and can be completed in person, over the phone, or online.

Tap legend, star of stage and screen, and loyal fan of Cathy’s Dance Studio, Charles “Honi” Coles put it best, “Thank you for the best evening of entertainment I’ve ever had. Wow!”

Harold “Stumpy” Cromer, renowned performer, best known as “Stumpy” of the Stump and Stumpy Comedy and Dance act, graced the stage at Cathy’s Dance Studio’s 2009 annual performance, and other than giving us an impromptu song and dance, he had nothing but the highest of praise on the talented performers, incredible costumes and brilliant choreography. The legendary entertainer himself returned backstage after the show with an exasperated, “That was the most fun time of my life!”

Joel Spector, Chief Sound Engineer for the Tony Awards had this to say about Cathy’s staff and students after doing sound engineering for our annual performance, “I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals in show business and I’ve never seen a more professional group of performers and stage crew as I have working backstage with Cathy’s Dance Studio. Divas and debutantes at every age and level of dance!”

Master tapper, choreographer and teacher Marion Coles has been a long-time supporter of Cathy’s Dance Studio and a fixture in our audiences year after year. She once took to the microphone at the end of one our performances and said “Miss Michelle! How are you ever going to top this again next year?!”

Al Heyward – Co-Chairman and Co-Producer of the NY Celebration of National Tap Dance Day. Al is a staunch supporter of Cathy’s Dance Studio, attending our annual performances without fail. Upon thanking him for attending our last performance, Al returned, “Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss one of your shows for the world!”