Class Dress Code (by level)

Girls: Black leotard with Theatrical/Ballet Pink tights. Hair must be pulled back neatly in a bun.

Cathettes I/II/III/Workshop Level Classes: Burgundy leotard (camisole/tank) with Theatrical/Ballet Pink tights. Black/Pink/Floral Ballet Skirts. Hair pulled back neatly in a bun.

Cathettes: Black leotard with Theatrical/Ballet Pink tights

Hip Hop:  Proper level leotard with tights and jazz pants or dance shorts. Indoor Dance Sneakers only.  Knee pads optional.

Boys:  Studio T-Shirt or solid white tee shirt with black fitted dance pants.

General Dress Code Info: *We carry a full line of Dancewear at the Studio.

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  • Proper shoes are required for each type of dance.
  • All acrobatics students must purchase their shoes at the studio.
  • The studio offers a full line of dancewear. We are happy to assist you with a shoe fitting. (A correctly fitted shoe is as important as good dance training!)
  • Absolutely NO jewelry/visible piercings or gum allowed in class.
  • Place initials in all shoes and dancewear.


  • Studio T-Shirts Only (fitted)/Hoodies are not permitted
  • Shrugs/Ballet Sweaters (pink/black)
  • Dance shorts (solid black)
  • Ballet Skirts (solid black/pink) –all classes except Acrobatics
  • Legwarmers (solid black/pink)


Our Fall Season runs from September.
Registration is accepted throughout the year, and can be completed in person, over the phone, or online.